EITC for individuals

How Does This Program Work for Me?

Individuals can participate through a Special Purpose Entity (SPE). Pennsylvania's definition of a "Business” includes an SPE thereby enabling the participation of individuals in this program. 

To become a member of an SPE at the Jewish Scholarship, LLC, you must:

  • Meet the income or asset threshold (see below for details);
  • Make a two-year commitment to joining the JSLLC; and
  • Submit a signed JSLLC Operating Agreement
    • Upon notification of tax credit approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Economic and Communty Development, the JSLLC will send you an Operating Agreement;
    • The Operating Agreement needs to be signed and returned to the JSLLC along with your first-year contribution; and 
    • In your second year, your contribution must be submitted within 60 days of the Letter of Approval from the Pennsylvania DCED. The JSLLC will inform you of this date. 


Is There a Minimum Contribution?

There is a $6,200 minimum contribution and a two-year required commitment for participation.

Individuals must also meet the SEC Defined Accredited Investor Requirement, Rule 501 of Regulation D:

  • Individual income of $200,000 OR Husband/Wife combined income of $300,000 in each of the last two years; or 
  • $1,000,000 net investable assets excluding the primary residence


Is there a maximum allowable contribution?

Pennsylvania has no maximum for individual participation through one or more of the Special Purpose Entities (SPEs). You can become a member of an SPE through the Jewish Scholarship, LLC.

How much should I contribute?

You need to select an amount that generates a 90% tax credit amount without exceeding your Pennsylvania tax liability. The amount is a guess for most people who don't know exactly what their current year taxes will be. Please consult your tax professional to help you choose the right amount.

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